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It's a part sites about Indonesia, I hope you can know about Indonesia from here I want this Home Page can cover all Home Page about Indonesia and Indonesians, so If you know other Indonesia site please contact me trough mail address above, I 'll always construct this page every day. So enjoy this site and improve your knowledge about Indonesia. and get a new Indonesian friends. Thanks for your comming. For Indonesian, However Indonesia condition today, It's still our Country. Same as you I dissapointed about Indonesia and Indonesians condition right now But whatever happened, Lets we build Indonesia together......Merdeka

About Indonesia

Indonesia Raya, actual and factual News
Indonesia Center, Coolest site about Indonesia
Indonesia Today, Trend in Indonesia right now
News Papers and informations about Indonesia
Batavia Indonesia,Best performance Indonesia site
The Indonesian toys
Indonesian people Activities
Jakarta Stock Exchanges

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